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6/26/18: Lunch, Learn and Live - Better Understanding Your Kidney Journey
7/29/18 - Pink & Pearls Brunch - A ladies brunch that’s sure to fill your soul as well as your tummy!

Welcome to For Kidney’s Sake, Inc.

A Social Service Providing Organization For Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Patients

With obesity, diabetes and many other kidney failure risk factors on the rise, subsequently incidences of Chronic Kidney Disease leading to dialysis is on the rise. As with any illness there are often physical and psychological trauma that patients suffer, and with CKD many suffer from physical cramps, tiredness, isolation and depression.


At For Kidney’s Sake we have taken the initiative to develop programs that combat the issues of isolation, lack of socialization and depression for CKD/dialysis patients. From events to activities and trips, all of our programming is focused towards increased socialization which allow patients to live a longer, better quality lifestyle.

But Why The Initiative You May Ask?

Let’s Consider Some Stats…

Much of what is needed by the CKD/dialysis community is a combination of community awareness, education, support groups, and affordable social activities/trips.

At For Kidney’s Sake we improve the lives of dialysis patients one day at a time!

Chronic Kidney Disease Is The 9th Leading Cause Of Death In The USA

More than 31 million people suffer from CKD in the USA (that’s almost 10% of the total population)

African Americans Are At Higher Risk

The Chronic Kidney Disease risk for African Americans is 3.8 percent higher compared to whites and Asians' risk , which are 1.3 percent higher.

Life Endangering Side Effects

Diabetes and hypertension are the number one and two factors leading the Kidney Disease, respectively


Diabetes causes 38.5% of all kidney failures


Out of the total population that suffers from chronic kidney disease, 69% of patients suffer from severe depression.

Strain On Family

It is evident from the aforementioned facts that CKD is clearly a lifestyle changer, but it also has several adverse effects on both the individual and their family.

Join Us For Our 2018 Annual Gala - 11/4/18

Embracing The Journey


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For Kidney's Sake Needs Your Help!!

We are seeking Volunteer Advisory Committee Members

We are looking to fill the following positions: Treasurer, Grant Writer & Volunteer Coordinator
Please contact Angela L. Davis, President and Founder @ (877) 275-9770.